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Industraline Catalog: Conveyors: MODEL DP-2052

Accumulation Conveyor

Industrial Conveyor Corp.

Call: 901-382-2660
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The Industraline Model DP-2052 Accumulation Conveyor handles a wide variety of captive assembly skids, fixtures and pallets. A number of pre-engineered widths are available for 14" to 61" in 1" increments to meet any assembly or transport application. Model DP-2052 is ideally suited for Synchronous, Non-Synchronous Assembly and Transport Operation. The open center and modular construction allows for a variety of bolt-on accessories and add-on automation components to enhance your assembly line performance. Quiet operation is one advantage of using Double Plus chain. This is because materials transported on the chain move 2.5 times faster than the chain itself, thus motor speeds can be reduced cutting down on noise and cost. As an optional Steel Roller Double Plus is available for heavier load and high temperature application. Reference our Engineering and Accessories Sections to select the items that are best suited for your application, such as Cushioned Stoppers, Pushers, Diverters, Lift and Rotate or Precision Positioning Devices.




FRAME:  Medium duty aluminum frames at a weight of 10 lbs per foot per side. Structural grade alloy temper of 6063T6 and clear coat anodized architectural finish.  7 GA. bolted cross members.  Longitudinal tee-bolt slots on all sides for 3/8" diameter hex or square head bolts to mount accessories and support components.  Clip-on UHMW side guide for reduced friction and noise  1.7" diameter passage, used as an optional air manifold to supply accessory components and operator tolling requirements.  Engineered plastic chain guide for long wear life and reduced coefficient of friction between base chain and support rail.  Enclosed chain return path.

BEARINGS:  All bearings are precision heavy duty, lubricated for life, ball bearing units with cast iron housings.

DRIVE SHAFT:  1 15/16" diameter located at the discharge end of unit

MOTOR DRIVE:  1/3 HP, 60cycle TEFC right angle gear motor available in all voltages (note: maximum load for 1/3 HP unit is 210 lbs., center mounted if possible.)

ACCUMULATION ZONES:  Available in any required length from single operator stations to multi-job zones.

SPEED:  45 FPM, constant.

INTERMEDIATE SECTIONS:  Available in lengths from 2'-0" min. to 12'-0" max. (please reference Engineering Section for Limitations or Space Requirements).

FLOOR SUPPORTS:  Adjustable type supports are available from 12" to 42" top of wheel (T.O.W.) with adjustment of + or - 1".

END TAKE-UP:  Manual screw type, separate for each side.

CHAIN:  2052 Double Plus chain with 1 3/16" DIA engineered plastic rollers on 1 1/4" centers.  500 lbs. per foot dead load, 620 lbs. effective chain pull.



  • Widths pre-engineered from 14" to 61".

  • Individual screw take-up on each side.

  • Precision stopping.

  • Complete robotics interface capacity.

  • Bolt-up modular construction.

  • Driver chain #50 Riveted Roller chain.

  • UHMW clip-on side guide

  • Lengths: Reference Engineering Section for details

  • Synchronous, Non-Synchronous Free Flow Accumulation

  • Smooth re-start

  • Safe, quiet, economic design.

  • UHMW chain guide (upper & lower) for quiet equipment operation.

  • 45 FPM standard w/ optional fixed speeds from 5-120 FPM.


CHAINS:  Steel Roller (950 lbs. per foot dead load capacity), 1100 ibs. effective chain pull.  Chain snap covers to prevent small parts, like nuts and bolts, from falling into gaps between guides and rollers.

DRIVES:  Center Drive w/ Center Take-Up & Fixed End Idlers.

ELECTRICAL CONTROLS:  Available as an option

MOTORS:  Available through 5 HP in all NEMA classes.

SPEEDS:  5-120 FPM, constant speed (specify) Note: HP capacity changes with speed (please reference engineering section).

SUPPORTS:  Multi-tier floor supporting or ceiling support header channel.

ACCESSORY COMPONENTS:  Reference Accessory and Component Sections for such items as Stoppers, Diverters, Positioners, Positive Drive Wheels, Lock Devices, Pallet Exciters, Etc...


Width BF Width BF Width BF Width BF Width BF Width BF
14" 8-1/8" 30" 24-1/8" 46" 40-1/8" 15" 9-1/8" 31" 25-1/8" 47" 41-1/8"
16" 10-1/8" 32" 26-1/8" 48" 42-1/8" 17" 11-1/8" 33" 27-1/8" 49" 43-1/8"
18" 12-1/8" 34" 28-1/8" 50" 44-1/8" 19" 13-1/8" 35" 29-1/8" 51" 45-1/8"
20" 14-1/8" 36" 30-1/8" 52" 46-1/8" 21" 15-1/8" 37" 31-1/8" 53" 47-1/8"
22" 16-1/8" 38" 32-1/8" 54" 48-1/8" 23" 17-1/8" 39" 33-1/8" 55" 49-1/8"
24" 18-1/8" 40" 34-1/8" 56" 50-1/8" 25" 19-1/8" 41" 35-1/8" 57" 51-1/8"
26" 20-1/8" 42" 36-1/8" 58" 52-1/8" 27" 21-1/8" 43" 37-1/8" 59" 53-1/8"
28" 22-1/8" 44" 38-1/8" 60" 54-1/8" 29" 23-1/8" 45" 39-1/8" 61" 55-1/8"

Note:  Non-standard widths available upon request.


Qty. Model BF Length Speed T.O.W. H.P. Volts Phase





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