Industraline Catalog: Diverters: MODEL DM-194L

Skate Wheel Diverter

Industrial Conveyor Corp.

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The Industraline Model DM-194L Skate Wheel Diverter handles a wide variety of captive skids, fixtures and pallets. A number of pre-engineered widths are available for 18" to 24" in 1" increments to meet any transfer application. The DM-194L diverter is mounted to the bottom side of Industraline Model conveyors for precision placement along conveyor. Model DM-194L is a manually operated diverter, assisted either by and operator or pusher device. This makes the DM-194L very economical for various applications.


FRAME:  7 GA. steel.

LIFT DEVICE:  Industraline Positive-Lift Air Cylinder with 100mm bore x 50mm stroke. 950 lbs. lift capacity at 80 PSI.

SKATE WHEELS:  1.94" DIA. with 1-1/2" nominal centers at 50 lbs. capacity each

SENSORS:  Sensor to read diverter up, with down sensor optional.

STOPPERS:  Reference Stopper Section for selection.



  1. Transition should not exceed 1.3 of conveyed object width.

  2. Pinch point exist at diverters.

  3. Reference Engineering Section for conveyor frame widths.

  4. Reference Conveyor model for BF dimension.

  5. Specify control voltage 110V/24V DC.


Qty. Model BF Length Speed Voltage Phase Sensor Conveyor
              UP DN



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