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Hytrol Pallet Handling Conveyors Stand The Test Of Time

Rugged Durability

Hytrol Pallet Handling ConveyorHeavy product requires heavy-duty conveyor. Hytrol's chain-driven conveyor is tough enough to carry your load.

When conveying heavy product or shipping a large quantity of product, most industries use pallets for support. To convey these pallets, specific conveyor is needed to ensure smooth motion and durability over the long term. Hytrol's chain-driven line of conveyor demonstrates the power and durability needed for the task.

Check out these models for your pallet handling application:

Model Capacity Overall Widths Non-Accumulating Accumulating
Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor - Traditional Pallet Handling Conveyors
Chain Driven Live Roller Medium Duty Chan Driven Live Roller 250 lbs/ft Up to 42" 199-CRR No
Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller 1000 lbs/ft Up to 70" 25-CRR 25-CREZD
Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller 2000 lbs/ft Up to 70" 36-CRRH 36-CREZD
Drag Chain Conveyor - For Pallets, Slip Sheets & Transfer Areas
Drag Chain Conveyor Heavy Duty 2 Strand Drag Chain
#60 Chain
6000 lbs/ft Up to 49" DC-60 DCEZ-60
Heavy Duty 3 Strand Drag Chain
#80 Chain
6000 lbs/ft Up to 104" DC-83 DCEZ-83
Mat Top Belt Conveyor - For Items That Are Difficult To Convey
Mat Top Belt Conveyor Heavy Duty Mat Top Belt 2000 lbs/ft Up to 76" No PLEZD
Customer Profile

Improved flow of product, better ergonomics, and elimination of shipping damage claims are just some of the benefits realized by major manufacturer of exterior door components after the installation of a Hytrol pallet handling conveyor system.

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